Explore the Beaches of Andalucía this Summer!

Going to the beach has to be the quintessential idea of what a vacation should look like. Relax, refill on your sun-supplied vitamin D, eat some fresh seafood, or even catch a wave and surf in the many coastlines at the Southern portion of Andalucía. I’ll be listing some of the beaches recommended for you to visit, should you find yourself in the middle of a Mediterranean summer, itching to get some dose of vitamin sea in Andalucía. Provided are beaches that cater to different interests so there should be something here for everyone.

Andalucían Waters

Image:https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5977193087/in/photolist-a7bFge-a7eyDU-eaRZVq-dWVFPc-dWVFCr-efyU4k-ddrUJa-7MHiky-e99ojE-dX2kCY-dX2iSf-dWVENH-dX2jU3-dWVGDK-dWVF1D-dX2kMh-dWVDWH-dWVGoM-dX2mto-dWVDND-dX2jM7-dWVEKa-dX2kkJ-dWVFtr-dX2kw5-dWVFVa-dWVDS8-dWVGw6-dWVEdB-dX2iJ9-dX2j45-dWVHh2-dWVEDD-dX2mAW-dX2m9L-dWVDAV-dX2nsN-7C4ccc-bNRwNV-7C51pT-etwQHk-etAqQh-etAVfu-etAX45-etAD53-etAtYm-etAJqu-etzUHw-etxyY4-etwEZi-etAPFA 

Bolonia Beach

Revered as the best beach in the whole of Andalucía, found in the Costa de la Luz, 25 km North of Tarifa and off the beaten track, you can reach Bolonia by going through a dusty, rough road. Once you’ve reached your destination, it will be worth the effort, dust, and dirt of getting there. Bolonia’s fine golden sand beach and clear waters is a sight to behold. The beach forms a long curve with the south part with waves big enough for surfers to ride, while the middle area is lined with lounge chairs and sunbeds, perfect for sunbathing and dipping in the waters. It also has beach restaurants, should you find yourself craving seafood and cold refreshments. You’ll also see the stunning ruins of Baelo Claudio within the vicinity, and step back in time to when Romans walked the same earth, which is just as equally scenic as the beach nearby.

Bolonia Beach

Image: https://www.ruralidays.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/bolonia-tarifa.jpg

La Herradura

La Herradura, a horse-shoe shaped bay in Costa Tropical, is the perfect place for families who have members with different interests. Adventure seeking father-son duo who’d love to do water sports? Check – windsurfing, among many other water activities that attract crowds to this place. Moms who’d love to taste all the delectable cuisine this side of Andalucía? With restaurants and bars surrounding La Herradura, you’ll never run out of dining options. For the marine-life loving daughter, there’s a snorkelling site in the area to marvel at all the life forms underwater, or even try scuba diving for a more immersive (literally) experience. Children’s parks and play areas are also present for the young ones. Bathrooms and showers are spread all over the beaches; there’s something for everyone at La Herradura.

Playa El Cañuelo

Dubbed as Costa Del Sol’s best beach, Playa El Cañuelo is an off-the-beaten-path, secluded cove with rocky shingles, and sands a little bit on the rough and pebbly side. You will need to walk a good 1.5 kilometres to get to Playa El Cañuelo. The trek will be well worth it, as the crystal clear waters will greet you, inviting you to take a dip. It’s ideal for snorkelling, with schools of fishes crowding onto you the moment you step into the water. Given the remote location of Playa El Cañuelo, it is highly advisable to bring your own packed food and drinks, though there is a beach bar in the area. Just remember to pick up after the food and bottles you bring. Remember, as travellers, we only leave footprints.

Playa de Cantarrijan

For those nature loving folks who are inclined to the hippie and au naturalle lifestyle, Playa de Cantarrijan is the place to be. This is the kind of place you only hear stories about, and you will find yourself curious about visiting, even if you’re not necessarily the hippie type. Playa de Cantarrijan is Costa Del Sol’s prime nudist beach, neighbouring La Herradura. The beach may be distinguished by two segments, the first one being the more sedated area, and the second completely nudist. Separated by a large rock from the rest of the beaches, Cantarrijan Beach is the perfect sunbathing heaven with its beach comprising of a mix of sand and pebbles, and calm waters. With its reputation as a naturalist beach, artificial installations like sunbeds, umbrellas and tables are available in the beach to keep you comfortable, so no need to worry about sitting naked in the pebbles. Despite all the buzz that surrounds Playa de Cantarrijan for being nudist, one must remember how picturesque the area is.

Playa de Cantarrijan

Image: http://img.actualidadviajes.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/cantarrijan.jpg


Matalascañas is a beach in Huelva and is surrounded by Doñana National Park. It is also the site of an ancient and historic upside down tower that dates back to the 16th century, built as a defense tower by Phillip II. There are also sand dunes nearby Matalascañas. Its beach is roughly 7 kilometres long with fine white sand. East and west of Matalascañas are deserted beaches, while a portion of it is urbanized with high-rise buildings, hotels, cafes and restaurants nearby with amenities like showers, deck chairs, and sunbeds. During the summer, Matalascañas is filled to the brim with chiringuitos, the local term for beach bars, and crowds of young people who gather around the area for the loud music and night life.


Image: https://cdns3.eltiempo.es/eltiempo/playas/new/images/ply231_imgMatalascanas1.jpg