Experience the Andalucían Lifestyle with Class

Vacations are meant to be enjoyed and spent to the fullest, and that is why sometimes splurging on trips is the best way to go to give yourself a reward for working your butt off all year. Sometimes planning your trip can create so much fuss, so we have created this resource so you can enjoy the fuss-free Andalucía experience that you truly deserve.

Getting There and Going Around


Chartered flights are available to you if you want to avoid the stressful queues in airport check-ins. Air Charter International offers chartered flights to and from almost any part of the world. Depending on the distance, planes and helicopters are available to get you from one place to another minus the fuss.

If you’re looking for comfort, but something slightly less pricey than chartered flights, book first class or business class from any of your favourite airlines for a flight experience that is comfortable, it’s just like being at home.


If enjoying the magnificent European and Andalucían scenery is your style, you can join the Luxury Train Club and access their fleet of luxury trains that run through a big part of the rails around the world, which are able to bring you to Spain; specifically Andalucía.

Al Andalus is the exclusive train provider that runs through Spain which provides a few itineraries that can run for a couple days throughout Spain. The Al Andalus has air-conditioned sleeper carriages, lounge, and dining cars that serve fully catered meals. The train provides wi-fi connectivity and lavish accommodations, as well, that measure up to hotels’ standards. The trains also stop by cities to experience its offerings in terms of dining, attractions, and entertainment.

Al Andalus Luxury Train

Image: http://www.worldtraintravel.com/images/trains/ratios/original/1024/101370599777Al%20Andalus%20Standard%20suite%20day.jpg

If you find luxury train itineraries restricting, you also have the option to drive by yourself with a Luxury Car Rental or a Chauffeured Car Rental. AutoEurope provides car rental services starting at €200 with the best brand luxury and exotic cars. There is also the option to get a chauffeur for an additional fee, to bring you to all the amazing attractions of the region.


Cruises are also available given the expanse of Andalucía’s coastlines. Saga Travel, Iglu Cruise and the Luxury Cruise Company offers cross-country cruises that can bring you to Andalucía. There are also cruises that tour the different provinces in Andalucía’s coastline and navigate the Guadalaviquir river. Prices go as low as €1000 depending on the number of nights, and countries or cities to visit.

Cruising to Andalucia



Andalucía evokes a magnificent feeling with its grandiose attractions, but you can definitely take it a step further by getting the poshest accommodation. Andalucía is brimming with luxury options to be your refuge.

For about €400 per night, Malaga’s Finca Cortesin Hotel, with its amazing views of the Mediterranean and the countryside, as well as access to the beach club, will be your home away from home. Palm trees, emerald-tiled pools, golf course, spa, and suites with high ceilings, (some of which even have their own mini-pool inside), are some of the amenities they provide. Living here is truly the lap of luxury.

Adjacent to the dramatic landscapes of Ronda is Molino del Santo Hotel with its rustic charm, which feels like a secret sanctuary. Truly exclusive, it only has 18 suites, with views of the limestone hills and river, with a pool and a restaurant that serves top-notch Spanish and International cuisine.

If you’d rather have a full house, you can check this modern Airbnb property in the middle of Seville that goes for €250 a night that can house up to 12 guests.

An 18th century palace in Cadiz is also available in Airbnb for roughly €400 a night.

18th Century Palace, Cadiz.

Image: https://a2.muscache.com/im/pictures/57043847/6309973e_original.jpg

If a seaside villa is more your style, you can opt for this Airbnb stunner in Cadiz with views of the sea. It’s a white washed stone villa with a pool overlooking the Atlantic sea and it looks like paradise.

Food and Drinks

Food is one of the best things to splurge on and going on a gastronomic adventure in Andalucía is something worth enjoying with its many bistros and cafes serving various cuisines.

Spanish Tapas


Seville is teeming with some of the best restaurants. A few worth trying are Restaurant Abantal with Chef Julio Fernandez, La Azotea, and Eslava. When in Almeria, it is highly recommended to visit Casa Puga and La Mala. If you find yourself starving in Cadiz, Balandro and El Faro are two of the best restaurants out there. Cordoba’s Garum 2.1 and El Portillo Español are some of its best bistros. Should you walk the streets of Granada and crave something to eat, drop by Café Elvira and Bodegas Espadafor. Azabeche and Acanthum are two popular must-try restaurants in Huelvo. Jaen, likewise, has its crowd-favorite restaurants Juanito and Casa Antonio. Malaga also features a gastronomic spectacle with the city’s most famous food spots: El Pimpi, Cortejo de Pepe, and the bohemian attraction, Café con Libros.

With this expansive guide on what to do and how to travel Andalucía in style, you’ll never feel stressed arranging your trip. You won’t run out of ideas on what to do or where to dine once in Andalucía.