Explore and Enjoy Andalucía on a Budget

The thought of a vacation sometimes seems expensive. Between the plane tickets, hotel accommodations, food, and the attractions, the imaginary price tag that comes with a vacation piles up in your head. We created this guide to help you plan your trip accordingly, and give you tips and tricks on how you can make the most of your trip on a limited budget.

Getting There and Going Around


If you want the straight forward travel style of planes, you might want to check Skyscanner, Expedia, or a travel deal site to scour for the cheapest flight tickets from your origin to Andalucía.

Within Andalucía, domestic flights are also relatively cheap which you can take if you’ll be traversing one province into another.


However, if you are more interested in watching sceneries instead of clouds as you travel, then a train ride might be what you need. Andalucía’s rail system links to other European cities; it is an efficient way to get from one point to another, saving you accommodation money if you take night trains. Within Andalucía, there is also a vast rail system (the Spanish State Railways aka RENFE), which is quite economical, too.

RENFE trains in Andalucia

Image: http://bonbytes.eu/spa/spa_renfe_class598nr006_sdecompostela_2009_L.jpg

Buses are also an effective land travel arrangement, Alsa.es lets you book your trip ahead of time and provides a fare table you may use to budget your transportation money. Though not quite as fast as the first ones mentioned, buses are cheapest and the staple transportation system across Andalucía.

Alsa buses in Andalucía

Image: https://blog-assets.busbud.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Supra-interior-35-745×494.jpg

If you can drive, and if you have an international driver’s license, renting a car is an option. Motorists drive on the right-hand side, though take note that Seville and Granada tend to be congested, especially during rush hour. For car rental needs, EasyCar.Com and RentalCars.com rents cars for as low as €8 per day or around €120 per month.


Ferry systems also link the Spanish Peninsula to Morocco, Algeria, Melilla, and the Canary Islands, among others. You can check Direct Ferries for the prices of ferry trips from Andalucía to neighbouring regions.

To determine your mode of transportation, it will be a debate over what you value better: time, money, comfort, or the journey.


If you want to save on accommodations, you might want to skip hotels and look for budget rentals. Agoda, Booking.com, Hostelworld and Airbnb will give you access to hostels for as low as €12 a night. Though not the most luxurious of accommodations, it has a clean bed to sleep in, a place to keep your belongings and a bathroom – most probably shared, to get you by for the length of your budgeted trip. Some of these even have a decent internet connection included.

You also have the option to try Couchsurfing and Workaway and maybe get accommodations entirely for free, in exchange for a few good conversations, over a bottle of beer or volunteer work.

Another option is to get a cheap full apartment which is priced at around €20 a night or €400 – 500 a month. While this might not be as cheap as the dormitory-type hostel accommodations, full apartments give you the convenience of cooking your own meals, thus saving you money on food.

Food and Drinks

Getting cooked meals in inexpensive restaurants can set you back €10 per meal; beer offered in pubs are priced around €2-2.50, and coffee costs about €1.60.

To really save on food, cooking it yourself is the way to go. Groceries and basic necessities are cheap in Andalucía. That one week’s worth of food will cost you between €20 – 50, which is way more economical than getting three €10 meals, which will equal €210 a week.

Supermarket in Ronda

Image: http://www.rondatoday.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/supermarkets-672×372.jpg

You can also drink some and party at a much cheaper rate if you buy your beer and wine from the grocery store instead of the pub.

Prices of basic foods you might need in a week are outlined below:

Milk – €0.77
Loaf of white bread – €0.92
1kg Rice – €0.94
A dozen eggs – €1.59
½ kg of chicken – €3.00
½ kg of beef – €5.00
½ kg potato – €0.44
½ kg tomato – €0.70
½ kg onion – €0.50
½ kg lettuce – €0.45
1.5 l bottled water – € 0.55
½ kg apples – €0.75
½ kg banana – €0.75
Local beer – €0.80
Imported beer – €1.16
Bottle of wine – €4.50

Things to Do

When it comes to things to do, there are lots of activities that you can partake in which does not charge fees, or if it does, will cost you minimally, for you to join in.

Walking tours in the town plazas, in the magnificent monuments and architectures that abound can fill your phone’s memory with photos of the most picturesque sights Andalucía has to offer.

Bike rental and tours


There are also bicycle and Segway tours if you are not fond of walking around. Bikes can be rented for €10 – 30 per day, depending on the type, brand, and specifications of the bike.

A day at the beach can also be enjoyed for a minimal cost by going to the non-exclusive beaches that surround the massive coastline of Andalucía. Bring along packed food and beverages and you’ll enjoy the refreshing beaches minus the cost of buying food from the juice bars and restaurants surrounding it. Or maybe you can spoil yourself and splurge a little on the freshest seafood.

By cooking your own meals, not getting a super fancy accommodation, not going crazy with the nightlife, and maximizing the public attractions all over Andalucía, you’ll have an unforgettable experience touring a parcel of the Spanish Peninsula at an estimated cost of about €30 a day, or even lower.